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12 Nov 2014
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Get behind the wheel and join the coolest new car gang in town, the Geelys. There’s an iPad up for grabs in our competition too

Ever wondered about the cute car that’s just nipped past you in rush hour traffic or the smart sedan that oozes style parked next to yours? What about that SUV that combines a touch of luxury with rugged durability?

It’s a Geely. In these cases, you have spotted a GC2 hatch (also known as the Panda), Emgrand 8 and Emgrand X7.Geely is redefining the notion of value for money, with a range of cars offering a global appeal and the winning combination of performance, safety, economy and design. To get the word out about just how great Geely cars are, Y has joined forces with Towell Auto Centre, the sole distributor of Geely Emgrand in the Sultanate. Geely’s fanbase is growing, but we want to take it to the next level – with your help.

Join the Geely Gang and you could win an iPad with our fabulous competition running over a month. It’s free and easy to enter. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is submit a question about a Geely and we will then pose it to a current owner. It can be on any topic and about any of the models in the full range, which has engines from a 1.5 litre up to a 2.4 litre model.

Be as creative or as straightforward as you like. We’re printing four Q&As here that have already be sent in, which might give you some inspiration. With two weeks to go, including this one, there are still lots of chances to win. Two iPads will be given as prizes for the best Q&As and the winners will be announced in our December 4 issue.

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Geely gossip

Geely started off manufacturing motorcycles in the mid-90s and then moved on to small van production. The first Geely car rolled off the production line in 2002.

Geeling Fine

Do you have a question about a Geely that you’d like an owner in Oman to answer? Simply email your question and contact details to us at by November 17 and we’ll do the rest.

Own a Geely?

If you already own a Geely car you can be part of our own gang by registering to answer questions from Y readers. You’ll be in with a chance of winning an iPad too. To sign up, simply email your contact details to



The Emgrand X7 is a best selling SUV with excellent safety features but can we compare it to a Kia Sportage, Toyota Rav4 and other SUVs? Some people think a Chinese brand is inferior without knowing the true features.
From Adil Nasser al Jabri


We recently bought an Emgrand 7 SUV (the X7). Before buying, I did research on spare parts availability and prices through other Emgrand owners, who assured me that prices are similar to other brands. The features of the Emgrand X7 that attracted me were an anti-theft system and tailgate and engine hood, which are rare in a competitively priced SUV. Fuel consumption is very normal for a 2.4L engine capacity.
Answered by Raya al Habsi



A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to ride in a colleague’s Emgrand sedan. Once inside the car, I was amazed by the comfort and was even happier to discover that I had more than enough leg and head room. I was wondering about the handling and comfort of the car on the main roads?
Asked by Sayed Imthiyaz


As a proud Emgrand 7 owner I strongly believe that it’s the most affordable luxury car in town right now. The driver seat has vertical and horizontal adjustment, along with back support adjustment. The vehicle has expandable luggage space and the air conditioning and audio system are beyond satisfactory. The drive is very smooth – yesterday I drove 700km without feeling exhausted. Space and comfort are two things this vehicle offers in abundance.
Answered by Devak Kumar



I am a new driver and I want to purchase a car at a low cost without compromising my safety. How can you convince me to buy Geely?
From Irwin Rio


I strongly advise you to own Emgrand EC8 (Emgrand 8), because it has amazing safety options. Plus it has great options to make the car look and feel stately. Regarding the price it is very good. Just try to compare the price of it, for example, with a Mazda 6, you will find the price is close to the half. Go ahead and buy, Geely is great company.
Answered by Mahmoud al Khatib



Omanis tend to avoid Chinese-made cars. What features would attract an Omani to buy a Geely vehicle?
From Sulaiman Qassabi


I am proud to say that my brother owns an Emgrand 7, which both he and I drive. Most people are dumbfounded when they see our car. They always seem skeptical about Geely as a legitimate and quality brand of car. However, once they get to ride in it, boy, do their opinions change! I’ve always found the Emgrand to be one of the best cars I’ve ever driven, if not the best. I love absolutely everything about it – comfort, daily drivability, the interior and exterior, you name it! I definitely wish to see more and more Geely vehicles gracing Oman’s highways in the near future.
Answered by Abul Hashem

Want One?

Whatever you want from a car, Geely will have the answer for you. The full range in Oman is the GC2 (Panda), a hot hatch with heart and a 1.5L engine, the trendy GX2 crossover with flashy colours, the suave Emgrand 7 sedan with 1.8L engine, its bigger brother the 2.4L Emgrand 8 and the Emgrand X7, the first SUV to receive the 5+ star rating in the China – New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP) test.

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