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26 Nov 2014
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It’s your last chance to join the Geely gang, the coolest in town, and win an iPad

We’ve almost reached the end of the road with our Geely journey as our competition draws to a close. But it could be just the beginning of the adventure for you.

There are Geely cars out there just waiting to be driven out of the showroom and onto the open highways to explore Oman, both on and off road. There’s a model for everyone as well, from a student buying his or her first car (perhaps the cute GC2 Panda), a young family seeking safety and reliability (the Emgrand 7 or 8 sedan should do the trick) or those seeking to get off the beaten track (The Emgrand X7 SUV will get you there in style).
Choose from a 1.5 litre engine right up to a meaty 2.4 litre.

Geely, designed and manufactured in China, has established a reputation for quality, affordability and durability, with a good safety record too. All Geely models are designed and made in line with European safety standards with a five-star China – New Car Assessment Program (C-NAP) rating across all cars.
Its global fanbase is growing and Oman is part of the action. Towell Auto Centre, the sole distributor of Geely Emgrand in the Sultanate, is helping to spread the love here.

For our competition, we’ve been asking Geely fans and owners to ask and answer questions about the brand. This week we print four more of the best Q&As received from you.

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Top Geelys
Which members of our Geely gang have won the two iPads up for grabs? Find out in next week’s Y (Dec 4) when we reveal the lucky ones in the final Geely installment.


Q: What is your experience with Geely cars? Do you recommend me to buy one? P.S. I’m a university student that needs a good car to move.
From Sam al Maskary

A: I drive the Geely Emgrand 8. It surely is a very special car. Here’s what I love about it. The interior is elegant and restrained, the ride is smooth as silk, the fuel efficiency is brilliant, the materials inside feel good to the touch. The car is spacious and there’s, quite simply, a sense of occasion, both inside and out. I could go on. Everything about this car does it for me.
Answered by Nasser Nassrullah



Q: What features would attract an Omani to buy a Geely vehicle?
From Sulaiman Qassabi

A: The moment I sat in a Geely for the first time, I was amazed by how comfortable the ride quality was. I was even happier to discover that I had enough room legroom to make a first class airline passenger go green with envy! Another facet of this car I noticed was the sheer attention to detail inside – all the materials seemed nice to the touch and were beautifully made, like the kind you’d find in an expensive Cadillac or Infiniti. Bang for your buck is what this car offers.
Answered by Sayed al Busaidi



Q:As a lady driver, I find it difficult to park a car properly, especially in cramped spaces. Which features ensure safe and convenient parking in a Geely?
From Aarti Vats

A: I have a Geely Emgrand EC7 2015. Parking is no problem at all as I have a reversing sensor, which lets me know when objects are getting close. It makes parking easy, so no need to worry with this car. I am very happy with my Emgrand; it really is a great car.
Answered by Leo Lobramonte



Q: I heard that Geely Emgrand offer a good family sedan. Can you enlighten me about its safety and convenience features, keeping in mind a child on board? What are the unique selling points?
From Jonitha D’Cruz

A: The Emgrand 7 has all the safety features that high end luxury cars have, including airbags, child lock and seat belts for all rear passengers. If you use them wisely, the car does the job for you. All in all, it is a very modern and cost effective car.
Answered by Shakir Dadarkar


Geely Gossip
No one has more fun making up car names than Geely. One small four-door hatchback (the MK) was called the “King Kong” after the jungle beast.

Want One?
Whatever you want from a car, Geely will have the answer for you. The full range in Oman is the GC2 (Panda), a hot hatch with heart and a 1.5L engine, the trendy GX2 crossover with flashy colours, the suave Emgrand 7 sedan with 1.8L engine, its bigger brother the 2.4L Emgrand 8 and the Emgrand X7, the first SUV to receive a five-star rating in the China – New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP) test.


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