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19 Nov 2014
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Be a part of the action with the Geely gang. You could win an iPad too with our cool competition

If a car is known as a “Chinese Wonder”, it already captures the imagination in all sorts of ways.
That’s a Geely for you.
Designed and manufactured in China, the land of the red dragon, the Geely brand is making inroads into the car market with a reputation for incredible affordability and sleek design.
Need more convincing? Take a look for yourself at the Geely range in a showroom at Towell Auto Centre, the sole distributor of Geely Emgrand in the Sultanate.
Next time you’re driving in the city or country, take a look around and you just might spot the distinctive Geely design or logo on cars around you. It could be the hot hatch GC2 (also called the Panda for its design based on China’s famous black and white bear), the cheeky crossover GX2 or one of the stylish sedans, Emgrand 7 and 8. If you’re off-road, it might just be Geely’s acclaimed SUV, the Emgrand X7.
Get in on the fun with our competition running over a month. It’s free and easy to enter.
To be in with a chance of winning an iPad, simply submit a question about Geely cars and we’ll ask a current owner to answer. It can be about any topic and about any of the Geely models in the full range.
Each week we print four Q&As that have already been sent in. With two weeks to go, there’s still plenty of time to enter.
Two iPads will be given as prizes for the best question and answer and the winners will be announced in our December 4 issue.

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Geely Gossip
Geely means “auspicious” or “lucky” in Mandarin Chinese. Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd, a subsidiary of Geely, is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Geel the Force
Do you have a question about a Geely that you’d like an owner in Oman to answer? Simply email your question and contact details to us at by November 24 and leave the rest to us.

Only Geely
If you’re already in the Geely gang and own a car, you can be part of our competition by answering questions posed by our readers. Register and you could win an iPad. To sign up, email your contact details to


Q: I love the sporty look of an SUV but I would also like utmost safety for my family. Which Geely model would be the best to purchase?
From April Joy Pineda

A: My Geely Emgrand X7 SUV is nimble, powerful and efficient on the highways, with its great 2.4L engine. I have always felt a great sense of comfort, driving this incredible machine. As much as it is excellent on the city highways, it really comes to its element in the rough terrains of Qantab and the Sifah mountains. The X7 has incredible amounts of torque and grip. It also has amazing ground clearance to go along with it. With this wonderful SUV, I’m always left eagerly anticipating my next great adventure!
Answered by Malik al Rukaishy


A: Why did you choose Geely as your travel partner? And do you think the service provided by Geely is outstanding enough to recommend it to your friends?
From Asha Arun

Q: I have an SUV X7. The support from the staff of Towell and the vehicle itself both made me happy. Being an SUV, Emgrand is not second to any other brand in the class, especially in safety and accessories. The size and space is good for a person like me, who is taller than average and the vehicle performance on the road is as good as any other brand. Looks-wise, the vehicle is excellent and the price is unbelievable. There have been no hiccups during servicing and there’s a good customer support team.
Answered by Rasiq Sidhiq


Q: I’m currently driving a compact sedan. What are the superior qualities in terms of safety, style, and performance that would convince
anybody to switch to a Geely sedan?
From Abdulwahab Rasool Albulushi

A: I have a Geely Emgrand 7. In terms of safety, Geely has five stars thus making it one of the top ranked brands safety-wise. As for style, well actions speak louder than words. Just visit any showroom. With performance, I dare you for a race. It performs more like a Mitsubishi engine and has two options of gear, auto and manual. So trust me, with my Geely I am more than satisfied.
Answered by Ahmed Ashraf


Q: I simply adore the looks of the Geely LC aka Geely Panda. As a matter of fact, I think it looks even cuter than an actual Panda! Everything about the styling and the look of this car does it for me, and I particularly like the fact that it is super compact! As a prospective buyer of this car, I was wondering, what it’s like, for everyday driving, weaving through city traffic, parking and fuel efficiency?
From Dilreba Tanvi

I am the happy owner of a Geely LC (GC2 or Panda). I love this car so much. It’s fun to drive every time I get in and the end of an adventure, every time I get out. What’s not to love about this small wonder of the world?
Answered by Osama Mazar Saleem



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