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06 Nov 2014
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As any teen will tell you, it’s the little things that make an outfit great, says Imogen Faulkes

For us girls, it’s often the smallest details that make our outfits really pop. Sometimes those special accessories and extras that we add to our favourite looks can take them to a whole new level. It is often the case that a well thought out accessory such as a funky costume necklace or a great hat can make us stand out from our friends and, more importantly, mean that we’re that much more noticeable at the all important 1D concert! So girls, here’s my guide to this season’s latest accessories that are guaranteed to make you shine.


I love these big sparkly earrings. Bold, bright and a little bit brash. They’re sure to make a statement this autumn. RO6.9 from


This red hairband from Zara is cute. Perhaps pair it with with a blue and white dress to really make the red work for you. RO2.5 from


Don’t let the boys have all the fun this season with the very on trend snap-cap look. Girls can get in on the act as well and there is no better way to do it than with this brilliant sparkling number from River Island for RO6.2


Pinned onto the lapel of a coat, maybe a soft hat or even a bag, this dragonfly broach from Accessorize is guaranteed to give your look a real buzz. RO4.9 from


We all need a bit of 1D in our lives. Wear this chunky bracelet with a white t-shirt, distressed denim and Converse sneakers. It’s one of the best ways to take the boys with you wherever you go. RO8.62 from


Yes, this is not strictly speaking an accessory but James from the Vamps is a sweetie and this cutout is sold by Claire’s Accessories, which is an accessory store, so I am calling it an accessory – it would be a welcome addition to my bedroom anyway! RO15.4 from

Accessory advice

Imogen’s top tips on those little extras:

  1. Yes, accessories are great, but think before you add more. Does the look need it?
  2. It can be possible to overload with bracelets and necklaces. Sometimes a well-chosen piece on its own can make more noise than lots of pieces. Make each item shine in its own light.
  3. Pick your accessories for each look. What works for one outfit may not work for another, so when adding more, make sure it’s the right type of more.

Little extras

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Chosen well, you will always be able to lift your look and strut your stuff without spending vast amounts of cash

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