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30 Oct 2014
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As scores of golfers descend on Muscat to take part in the National Bank of Oman Golf Classic this weekend, Matthew Herbst brings you everything you need to lower your handicap and bag that ever elusive hole-in-one


On the green: Need to call your golfing buddies and gloat over that hole-in-one they just missed? Then ensure your caddie keeps your mobile phone charged with the Izzo Golf Sun Spot Universal Golf GPS Solar Charger. That’s right, you can charge pretty much any of your gadgets by hooking this clever device to the side of your golf bag. It includes a four-piece adaptor set and carabiner for attaching it to your golf bag. Go green and solar charge your devices on the course for RO7.58 at


On the range: You’ll be glad to know that GPS devices aren’t just for navigating roads. After all, with 18 holes’ worth of meandering fairway, a golf course can be just as much of a maze as any city. Now, golfers can put GPS to good use with the SkyCaddie SGXw, an electronic rangefinder preloaded with 30,000 mapped golf courses. Optical finger navigation allows for precise distance and target selection, giving you unmatched accuracy on the course.

The only slight downside is that you’ll have to become a member of at least one of three plans to download updated golf course information. RO68.92 at


Hook, slice and sinker: You may think you’ve come down with sunstroke when you hear your golf partner’s club talking, but relax, they’ve probably just invested in a Golf Hook/Slice Talking Swing Meter. This nifty bit of kit acts like your very own golf coach, with phrases like “Hook”, “Slice”, or “Nice shot”. This digital coach clips on to your club and uses built-in sensors to evaluate your performance. Nice and easy from RO6.04 at


Editor’s Pick: Ball Hunter – The one thing about golf that can be a real headache is losing your balls. Finally, there is something to get both you and your caddie smiling – the Ballfinder Scout. Providing a ball is 1 per cent visible, this handheld device will search up to 600 square feet in just one second in order to locate it. The Ballfinder sports a handy hi-res digital camera to locate balls up to 35 feet away; all you need to do is point the device in the area where your golf ball landed. When the ball has been located, the device will vibrate and display a red cursor bracket around the ball on the 1.25-inch LCD screen, using blue lights to guide you directly to the ball. Terrific! Find it from RO47.74 at


Sunny songs: If the sounds of the driving range – the thumping of irons on turf, the purring of the golf cart engines and the chit-chat of fellow golfers – are putting you off your game, then you need to consider investing in these MP3 Sunglasses from OEM Systems Company. With up to six hours of playback and 2GB of flash memory, you’ll be able to protect your eyes and get into your golfing zone all at the same time. An absolute bargain at RO10.76 from

NEW – Twilight Tracer Light-Up Golf Ball

With the sun going down earlier each day, you may soon find it too dark to tee off (heaven forbid). It’ll come as a great relief to know that the Twilight Tracer Light-Up Golf Ball eliminates such worries. This regulation golf ball features an inner core that contains circuitry, a lithium battery, and two red LED lights that are programmed to flash at a rate of 7.2 flashes per second. You shouldn’t have to spend time rummaging around to find lost balls either as once hit, it will remain lit for around six minutes. Prices start at RO5.37 and you can get a pack of nine for approximately RO26.93 from

App of the week: Score shares

GPS and Scoring Apps are a popular choice among avid golfers, but none more so than the Golfshot Classic. It’s clean and intuitive, offering stat tracking and a great level of interactivity when it comes to the social media side of things. Now you can share your scorecards live from the tee! Available on Google Play and iTunes.

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