Drifting away

15 Oct 2014
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Oman is set to hear the screech of tyres and smell the burning of rubber as the Red Bull Car Park Drift returns to the Sultanate for the fifth consecutive year. Regional qualifying rounds began earlier this year and the competition will continue to tour the Middle East on the long and winding road to the grand finale, which will take place in Dubai.

Preliminary rounds will take place today (October 16) in order to select the drivers who will battle it out in the qualifier, which will be held at the Oman Automobile Association tomorrow (October 17). The king of the Omani drifters will go on to represent the Sultanate in the Dubai finals. A new format will be introduced at the Oman qualifier this year, which will feature both amateur and pro categories.

Abdo Feghali, rally champion and Red Bull Driver will design the track. The drivers’ performance will be scored by a panel of judges with points primarily awarded for the impressiveness of the drift completed by the drivers – its length and durability and the amount of tyre smoke created. Crowd reaction will also be taken into account as will the amount of driver skill demonstrated. In addition, points will be awarded for the car’s appearance and for the amount of noise it makes; it’s pretty much a case of the louder the better.

The competition will be an incredible opportunity for motor sport fans to enjoy some tyre-shredding action.

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