02 Oct 2014
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This week, we go back in time to June 2010 to take in the historic walls of Bahla and its ancient fort

Over recent weeks, we’ve been blowing the dust off former Y photographer Jerzy Wierzbicki’s camera lens and leafing through some of his most beautiful trips. Here, we have a look at his take on Bahla, a Unesco World Heritage Site and Oman’s oldest fort. Here’s what Jerzy had to say about it:

“Time for a bit of real history now, so where better to go to than Bahla, an area touched by the ghosts of the past. It is home to one of the oldest fortresses in the Sultanate, a huge dominating complex of sandstone that looks over the city.

“The fortress is so vast that its walls stretch across 12 kilometres, a hugely impressive feat of engineering considering the time; it’s hard to believe that the city was built sometime in the 13th century.


“The fortress is also within close proximity of other historic sites such as Nizwa, so a trip, if planned well, could see you stop off at other neighbouring places of interest on a day visit.

“Mentally fitting together the jigsaw of history is fascinating.

“The chance of a ramble through the outlying areas of Bahla also provides a good chance for snaps of the fortress from afar and with Jebel Akhdar in close proximity, you will also be able to test your hiking skills.

“The city is also famed for its pottery, so a trip out to the city is worth it alone for the stunning ceramics available to purchase from expert craftsmen across the city.”


How to get there

From Burj al Sahwa, take the road to Nizwa, via Bidbid. From Nizwa, follow the road to Ibri, pass the town and then head directly to Bahla.      

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