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30 Oct 2014
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Fight back against rebellious skin with expert tips and tricks from Kaya Skin Clinic

We’ve all suffered at the hands of a spot or two, but acne can be a different story altogether. The condition can affect anyone of any age and a range of factors, including diet, hormones and stress, can aggravate the condition. Acne is caused by a build up of sebum, the oils naturally produced by skin – it has nothing to do with how clean or dirty skin may be. While not a life-threatening condition, acne can cause emotional distress and breakouts can cause severe discomfort. “We know that no one, young or old, is immune to acne and this can leave scars that last a lifetime,” says Dr Majd Abdulkhalek, a dermatologist at Kaya Skin Clinic.

To avoid scarring don’t pick, squeeze or irritate acne in any way – your skin will thank you in the long run! Check out Kaya Skin Clinic’s beauty tips to help ease your acne woes:

  1. While science has proven there’s no link between chowing down on your favourite chocolate bar and spots, it has been proven that eating a diet low in processed foods is better for your all-round health – including your skin. Some foods even help to fight inflammation. These include tomatoes, spices such as ginger, walnuts and other foods containing omega-3 fatty acids.
  2. Severe acne has been linked to a zinc deficiency. To counter this, you can incorporate more zinc-rich foods such as seafood and spinach into your diet, or add a zinc supplement to your breakfast.
  3. Resist touching your skin. Your hands spread bacteria like wildfire – think about what you come into contact with every day. Acne isn’t dirty, but your hands definitely are! Touching your face with grubby hands can potentially irritate your skin further, so fight the urge for the sake of your skin.

While acne may clear, the scars it leaves can serve as a constant reminder. Kaya’s revolutionary new laser treatment targets specific areas of scarring, making it highly effective in reducing acne’s after-effects. Small micro beams treat the deep tissue, kick-starting the body’s natural healing process and encouraging new collagen growth. “Producing more collagen is paramount in effective skin rejuvenation and is a highly beneficial effect,” says Dr Abdulkhalek. Collagen fills out the skin, diminishing the effects of scarring. Additionally, a larger laser beam then treats the wider areas of skin, resulting in an overall smoother, fresh-faced and younger look.

Q&A with Dr Maria Vega:  Acne

Q: I have followed your advice and my acne has cleared up. But what can I do to prevent acne from recurring once it has gone away?

A: It’s great to know that your acne has cleared. Now, to prevent the acne from recurring I would advise you to be very regular with your skin-care routine. Use a good cleanser and toner meant for acne-prone skin twice daily. In the mornings, this needs to be followed by a suitable sunscreen meant for oily skin. Avoid heavy make-up on a regular basis and see that you remove it carefully before you go to bed. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to restore skin health. So try to retire to bed early and sleep for at least seven to eight hours per night. Also, pay attention to your diet and eat healthy foods including fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.
Hormonal issues can also play a role in acne, so if you notice any irregularity in your menstrual cycle, get this problem attended to with a consultation with your doctor.

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