Style Counsel 338

25 Sep 2014
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Barbra Young answers your style questions

Since moving to Muscat, I’ve suddenly found time to cook and throw dinner parties. The problem is, I find it hard to strike the right balance between being comfortable and looking glamorous when guests arrive. I need an outfit that lets me dash about without resorting to the usual leggings, kaftan and sandals combo. Any suggestions? Janey

Dear Janey,

Ok, you have cooked all day, you have found the perfect soundtrack, you have lit the candles, fluffed the cushions one more time, the beverages are chilled and so are you. Start with a nod to how retro dinner parties are, with a full-waisted knee-length skirt, worn with a long sleeve off the shoulder fitted top or boho embroidered shirt. Sleek hair, statement necklace, earrings and bright lips will complete your relaxed hostess look. No shoes, because it’s kind of weird wearing heels in your own house. Soak up the applause as your guests praise your creative home genius.

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