Style Counsel 336

11 Sep 2014
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Barbra Young answers your fashion questions

Dear Barbra,

I’m a 29-year-old sales executive in need of a man bag. A backpack is too boyish, and anything else can err on the wrong side of camp. Help! I can’t carry on stuffing all my work stuff in a carrier bag. Peter, Dubai

Dear Peter,

Put down that nasty carrier bag now!

I agree, backpacks are for hiking, crossover bags are for bicycle delivery men and briefcases are so 90s. So what’s a stylish career-minded man to use?

I have just the bag for you, from Mulberry. Before you fall off your chair due to the price, consider this bag an investment in your future. You will be working for at least another 25 years, using this bag five days a week, which equals less than half a cent per wear. Now, isn’t that great value? Not only is the bag extremely practical and lightweight, it fits iPads, papers, your wallet, phone and all the other paraphernalia we can’t live without. It’s also chic with a bit of a geeky vibe.

Your sense of style will be remembered by everyone you meet.

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