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04 Sep 2014
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There’s a whole world under the waves that’s just waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a novice or a diving demon, Matt Blackwell brings you the necessary equipment to explore the big blue



Between checking dive computers, keeping half an eye on pressure gauges and using dive lights where necessary, it’s fair to say divers can often have their hands full. This is exactly why the Octomask is such a brilliant idea. With a built in camera mount compatible with all GoPro models, the Octomask allows you record footage hands-free, capturing the beauty of your dives effortlessly. The mask is made using a tempered lens for maximum safety at depth and features a low-volume design that keeps it close to the face for clear visibility. Available from for RO30.7 



The Finis Neptune Underwater MP3 Player is designed for anyone who can’t bear to be without their music. Using the revolutionary system of Bone Conduction, the Neptune transmits clear audio through the cheekbone directly into the inner ear, eliminating the need for fiddly ear buds. The Neptune works with iTunes – a handy bonus – and with 4GB of storage, you’ll be able to load up to 1,000 songs on it. The sound is clearest when fully submerged in water and the Neptune works at depths of up to three metres, which makes it the perfect accompaniment for recreational snorkelling., RO42.7



The Seabob F5 really is the daddy of all aquatic toys. A cross between a jet-ski and a bodyboard, this emission-free piece of kit allows you to skim over the waves at speeds of up to 15kph or plunge down to depths of up to 40 metres. The nifty LCD screen gives you all the info you could want, including depth, remaining operating time and engine power. Controlling the Seabob couldn’t be much easier – all you have to do is shift your body weight and accelerate, while it automatically powers down if you let go of the handles, meaning you won’t have to swim a marathon if you accidentally let it slip., RO3,985.2 



Finding the right fin is essential to keep leg strain to a minimum when diving or snorkelling. The SF-22 Solla continues TUSA’s rich history of performance fin design, offering reinforced side rails that maximise propulsion and manoeuvrability. The anatomic foot pocket has been designed to enhance comfort, too. Prices start from RO37.5 at



The incredibly hardy Olympus TG-2 is waterproof, shockproof, crushproof, freezeproof and dustproof, making it able to withstand just about anything you can throw at it. This little gem is a great camera to take snorkelling or swimming and with a high-speed, ultra-bright f2.0 lens and 4x optical zoom, you’re guaranteed to get crystal-clear shots up to 15 metres below the surface. If you want to take it deeper, there are a number of specially designed housing units for the TG-2 starting at RO119.3. The camera itself will set you back RO153.6 and is available from

New! Aeris A300 CS OLED Dive Computer


With flashing icons and what seem like a million different functions, dive computers can be daunting pieces of equipment. Leading dive brand Aeris has realised this, though, and gone back to the drawing board to create the A300 CS OLED Dive Computer. Clearing the unnecessary clutter, the dive computer has been designed to show you what you want to see, when you want to see it, offering an easy to use interface, displayed on a high contrast OLED screen with Bluetooth technology. You can even download the DiverLog app for iOS to view the details of your dive and share you favourites via social media., RO365.7   

Perfect Planning 


Scuba Schools International (SSI) brings you everything you need to go scuba diving in the suitably titled Everything Diving app. You can keep your SSI certifications handy at all times and go over dive planning and equipment checklists before you head out. The app also features a hand signal review and a list of all SSI dive centres and resorts worldwide, along with detailed descriptions of the services they offer.

One for the Kids  


Children will have a whale of a time exploring the world beneath the waves with the Aqualung Kids Junior Mask, Fin and Snorkel Set. Available in either translucent pink or translucent yellow, the kiddie-size Hinge Flex fins utilise pivot technology for smooth movement, while the Island Dry snorkel features pivot-dry technology and a water purge with one-way valve to keep water out when underwater. The mask is made from silicone for a comfortable and customisable fit and the whole set comes with a cool little backpack for storage. Check out and get it all for just RO17.3

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