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Save a life

It’s the time of year for giving and helping those in need. You can make a difference in all sorts of ways, including giving blood. Stocks in hospitals and clinics are running out and more donors have been urged to come forward.

Supplies are needed to ensure there is enough for victims of road accidents and other emergencies.  Patients suffering from major injuries can need as much as 40 units in transfusions.

The Central Blood Bank must have at least 200 units of blood at any one time. During summer and Ramadan, with many people in the country fasting, these can be quickly depleted.

Highest demand is for O positive and A positive blood types. Restocking rare blood groups, such as AB negative, is also a challenge. To do your bit, attend one of the Blood Bank’s mobile donor sessions in Muscat. The next one will be held on July 26 from 8pm on Muttrah Corniche.