Oman Gaza protest

24 Jul 2014
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As the death toll in Gaza reached more than 500, the people of Oman were showing solidarity with a peaceful protest outside the Palestinian embassy in Muscat.

Armed police stood by on guard and watched as more than 300 people gathered to show their support for the people of Gaza, who have suffered a two-week bombardment.

They waved flags and placards with messages in Arabic, English and even Spanish calling for an end to the bloodshed. Young and old, from children in arms to pensioners, stood together as one outside the embassy. The event was jointly organised by Oman Stands For Palestine, which, on its Facebook page, stated:  “Oman now stands for Palestine. Let’s unite. Support us.”

The message from those who did attend was clear: that Palestine’s pain was Oman’s pain and the international Arab community needed to pull together.


“Calling out for all of the Arab world. Raise your voices. Let’s unite. Let’s free Palestine. Let’s stand as one,” said Oman Stands For Palestine.

“At the Palestinian embassy, there were many kids holding banners and slogans in support of Palestinian kids. Kids are our most precious things are the ones dying in Gaza. Dying in vain.

A number of speakers appeared at the event, including Palestinian diplomats and a Palestinian journalist. Similar protests have been held throughout the world, from India to Austria.

Meanwhile, the horror continues with children among the dead after tanks shelled a hospital in Gaza.

One family has lost 28 members in the attacks, while the total number of victims is around 572.

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