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17 Jul 2014
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And So It Goes 

Michael Douglas has slipped easily into playing grouchy and badly behaved older men in his silver years.  

In this feel-good comedy, he’s a misanthropic real estate developer who lives next door to a lonely lounge singer played by Diane Keaton.  

We get a pretty clear idea of Douglas’s character when he complains about his dead wife being buried on a steep hill and later shoots a dog with a paint gun to stop it leaving a mess on his lawn.  

In the hands of Harry Met Sally director Rob Reiner, who also has a cameo role as a toupee-wearing musician, there is plenty to enjoy as he and Keaton get off to a bad start until the inevitable older person romance blossoms.  

But it’s the arrival of Douglas’s granddaughter, the result of his son’s tryst with a maid, which sees him gradually revealed as a super-fun granddad who even manages to deliver a guest’s baby on the sofa. 

Predictably for this kind of movie, he goes from being a hateful snob to rediscovering the important things in life, like family and love. Although he’s not Jack Nicholson, Douglas makes the most of his misanthropic lines and slapstick scenes.      

Review by Joe Gill

The Quiet Ones


From the revived Hammer Film Productions, famed for its low-budget British horrors of the 1950s and 1960s, comes this new supernatural shocker.

Jared Harris plays a paranormal expert who takes an apparently possessed girl to an old manor house to conduct a series of experiments with three game students, one with a 16mm camera in tow. The 1970s setting helps add to the atmosphere and there are plenty of shocks and surprises for those who love this kind of movie. 



Emily Browning plays a Goth rock goddess who is one half of a successful brother-sister act in this psychological thriller set in the Los Angeles music scene. Browning suffers a tragedy and a new guitarist joins the band who wants to drag her to the dark side – the black eyeliner is a sure sign that this one is up to no good. The gigs, the fans and the debauchery just don’t feel real, which is perhaps surprising from the director of Twilight, Catherine Hardwicke. 

Enemies Closer 


Tom Everett Scott and Orlando Jones play a couple of ex-Navy divers with a score to settle on the lakeside. But the real fun starts when they encounter Jean-Claude Van Damme, who is cast hilariously against type as a psychotic drug kingpin moving a shipment on the US-Canadian border. Van Damme enjoys himself no end, sporting bouffant hair and hamming it up like an over-the-top comic book villain, as he and his henchman hunt down Scott and Jones. Never mind the action, watch the eyebrows.



This is a Bollywood remake of a 2012 Tamil horror movie of the same name. With his blue eyes and pretty boy good looks, Akshay Oberoi doesn’t look like your typical pizza delivery guy. His mundane existence takes a terrifying twist when he takes an order to a beautiful women’s apartment only to discover something horrible lurking within. Directed by Akshay Akkineni, expect some Exorcist-like moments of scary special effects that might even put you off your fast food. 

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