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17 Jul 2014
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Rishab Bhardwaj, a student, attended the World Cup in Brazil and gives his view from the ground on the sporting spectacular  

I was in Brazil for a few weeks and experienced five World Cup matches. Every match was a different experience because each team had different supporters. The atmosphere in the stadium for all the games, however, was constantly electric. During a match, the sound of the chanting fans filled the entire stadium, reaching as far as the concession stands to right down on the pitch. Everybody watched nervously as their team was bound to either triumph or fail. When a goal was scored, nothing but roars of happiness could be heard from the supporters of the scoring team. Attending World Cup matches was one of the most unique experiences of my life and I really wish I can do it again one day.

Fans suffer the ecstasy and agony of the World Cup final in the Marjan lounge at the Grand Hyatt Muscat hotel





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