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19 Jun 2014
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Barbra Young answers your fashion questions

I’m a 35-year-old teacher and attending my first ever festival in the U.K. this summer. Problem is, I’m not sure what to wear. I’m no Kate Moss, being a curvy size 14 (U.K.), and I don’t fancy spending a small fortune on stuff I’m never going to wear again, especially when tickets have cost more than RO200. Can you recommend something practical, yet minimalist? Ellen, Seeb

Dear Ellen,

I am assuming that it’s a music festival you are attending. If so, what fun to channel your inner rock chick with a Woodstock vibe. You can find many looks in Muscat at great prices. As you live in Seeb, take yourself to your local souk or Markaz Al Bahja. There, you will find a shop called Kashmir on the second floor, where you will be amazed at the fabulous cotton kaftans and tops with or without embroidery. As it’s in the U.K. a shawl will also be necessary. Wear your tops with rolled-up jeans, beads and flat shoes. These festivals tend to be dusty – or even muddy – affairs, so keep your outfit loose, comfortable and low maintenance! These are pieces you will wear again. Have fun.

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