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05 Jun 2014
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Edge of Tomorrow

Having successfully dealt with most other types of action movies with his usual aplomb, it seems Tom Cruise is now turning his thespian hands to the sci-fi genre. After the middling Oblivion, Cruise is back as Lieutenant Colonel William Cage, a demoted soldier battling an alien invasion that’s consumed half of Russia and Europe. Having never seen action in his entire military career, it comes as somewhat of a shock when Cage finds himself dropped in the middle of a near-unwinnable and chaotic battle.

The film, however, is more than a Starship Troopers affair, in which new recruits simply blast at wild, extra-terrestrial arachnids.

Instead, director Doug Liman and his cohort of screenwriters have produced a film that’s more akin to Groundhog Day. A clever parody on videogame culture – in which players die in a game and simply respawn – Edge of Tomorrow follows Cruise as he tries to make his way through a harrowing beach assault. Try as he might, he invariably replays the same battle and ends up failing, only to be given the opportunity to try again in the same battle.

But don’t let the repeating scenes put you off. It’s a rich script that Cruise pulls out all the stops to sell – and does so convincingly. For any fans of action sci-fi, this may not have the tension of Alien or the complex story of The Matrix, but it is a surprisingly entertaining flick that delivers spectacular action and stellar performances.  

Review by Tom Robertson

Lords of London


When Londoner Tony Lord (Glen Murphy) wakes up in a small town in Italy covered in someone else’s blood, he struggles to remember what’s happened or the events that led him there. The film leads us through the proverbial gangster scenes as he tries to piece the clues together. With a subplot that recounts historic events from Lord’s youth and that of his father’s past, it’s an overly complex affair with few to no redeeming features.

The Signal


Two university computer students are lured across the U.S. on a road trip as they follow a series of clues to a mysterious rival hacker. Deep in the desert, the two youngsters finally track down their quarry, but encounter more than they bargained for – a harrowing encounter with the mysterious Laurence Fishburne and confinement in a facility where they’re left to figure out just what is going on. A bit of a mind-bender.



Adam Sandler is back in another rom-com opposite old acting partner Drew Barrymore in their third movie outing together. The movie’s title hints at the romantic chaos that ensues when Sandler and his family go on safari, only to be stuck with Barrymore and her family in the same African resort. Despite a previous disastrous date together, Sandler and Barrymore crash through the rest of the holiday, in which they become increasingly close. Lighthearted holiday japes and a tried-and-tested pairing make this a good choice for some comedic entertainment.

Wall Street


If there is one film synonymous with the pursuit of wealth and luxury living, then surely it’s this 1987 Oliver Stone classic. Michael Douglas is scheming stockbroker, Gordon Gecko who lives by the rule “greed is good”. He takes on a young apprentice, played by a fresh-faced Charlie Sheen, who becomes embedded in Gecko’s inner circle. But Sheen soon realises the error of their  money-grabbing ways and sets out to bring Gecko down.  A quintessential tale of stockbrokers and wealth depicted by arguably Douglas’s and Sheen’s finest screen moments. 

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