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To the Extreme

When we face severe weather warnings, we begin to think of safety and survival. Matt Herbst helps you gear up to weather the eventuality of a storm  

Crank It Up

The handy Midland NOAA All Hazards AM/FM/Weather band radio is essential to have around in case of extreme weather conditions, emergencies and power failures.

Not only does it receive AM and FM bands, but also weather broadcasts and emergency system alerts.

If there’s a power cut, it  can also recharge its own batteries. But best of all, it can recharge most common mobile phones simply by turning the crank on its built-in generator. Adding to the bare essentials,  this great device includes a built in 3 LED flashlight, digital clock with alarm, and thermometer with freeze alert. From RO23.09 at www.midlandweatherradios.com 


This pocket-sized firestarter can be a real life saver during an emergency. A built-in flint, striker knife and magnesium fuel give you the ability to create dozens of fires in wet or windy conditions. The Coghlans 7870 Magnesium Fire Starter comes with a serrated blade edge for creating magnesium shavings and a full-length flint for making hot sparks, all in a waterproof and fire-resistant block form. The shavings are said to burn at 2,9820C. www.amazon.com for only RO1.76 


The Katadyn Vario Water Filter is, if anything, one of the most essential survival items to invest in.

If water supplies are affected in extreme weather conditions, there’s no point in putting yourself at risk by turning on the tap. Should there be a worse-case scenario, this water filter could save your life. Its two-stage ceramic disc and glass fibre microfilter has an adjustable output for various conditions and with a simple turn, it engages the cleanable ceramic pre-filter when using dirty water. The glass-fibre filter removes the bacteria and the replaceable carbon core improves taste without the need for purification tablets. Available at www.katadyn.com for RO31.50 

Powerfully Portable

The Energiser LED folding lantern with light fusion technology is a compact light that comes with a huge shine. The only downfall with this in an emergency is that it requires batteries, so keep it armed with spares and be prepared for any eventuality. The upside is that this light can easily fit in your pocket and the batteries last for up to 100 hours of running time. The light panel pivots open a for a 360-degree area and has a stand on the back for stability. Naturally it is water resistant. available on amazon for RO9.46 

Kit On The Move 

Every family should have a grab-and-go survival kit ready for any given situation. There won’t be time to find these things in an emergency. For peace of mind, click on to Amazon.com and order this compact 65-piece assistance kit. Some of the items you will find inside the  AAA Severe Weather kit include a 46-piece first-aid kit, a folding shovel with sheath, three-piece fleece set, strobe light, emergency whistle, six emergency candles, waterproof matches, hand warmer packets and more. Worth investing in for a mere RO10.73 at www.amazon.com 

NOAA Weather Alert

Get all the weather information you need to enjoy the best day possible with the most accurate forecast available, including extreme weather warnings, with The Weather Channel. Free on itunes.com

For Her

The essential Shemergency Kit contains everything a lady will need when there’s no time to grab a full dresser of beauty items if you are in a hurry. Whatever the case may be, the Shemergency Kit will have any woman looking and feeling her best in any situation. It comes with 27 compact solutions such as mending kits, hairspray, brush, lip balm, dental floss, deodorant towels and much more. A good investment. www.pinchprovisions.com RO13.47 

ESSENTIALS : Midland 36 Mile 50-Channel Water Resistant Radio

The Midland GXT1000 36 Mile 50-Channel Water Resistant Radio features 50 channels that deliver clear communication with the flick of a button. In open areas with little or no obstruction, the range will be greater than the average 36-mile (58km) distance. It comes with 285 privacy codes, a weather alert with a scanning feature that locks on to your local weather channel and alerts you to severe weather. This radio will certainly keep you in the loop in the event of  incoming hazardous weather. www.midlandweatherradios.com for RO25.02