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25 Jun 2014
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When the heat is on and the temperature has been turned right up, you need to keep refreshed. Deeba Hasan tells you how

Summer can be a punishing time for our bodies. With a fierce and unrelenting sun, it’s important to keep taking in liquids. Easier said than done with busy schedules and a fast-paced life. Drinking just water can be a bit monotonous and soft drinks, packaged drinks and sodas can have a high sugar content. Instead, consider some of the options below for your daily liquid intake. You could make them at home – there are numerous recipes available online – or buy them from your nearest restaurant or juice parlours. Whatever works best for you.

Infused waters

Infused waters are always a more preferable option to plain water. The best thing is that you can easily whip one up yourself using your favourite fruits and other ingredients, which help the body in various ways, including appetite control, hydration and a stronger immune system. The healthiest infused water is made by using plain water and adding lemon, mint, cucumber or ginger. It is best consumed early in the morning before eating anything else.


With high fibre and water content, smoothies not only quench your thirst, but also make a good “liquid” snack and are simply delicious. Most of them are made using basic ingredients that are easily available from your local supermarket: bananas, strawberries and even watermelons. You can choose what you like best.

Fruits and Salads

Fruits are wonderful to snack on at any time of the day, and certainly very healthy. Fruits also have a very high-fibre content and can do wonders for your body. Salad items such as cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes also have a high-water content. Not only a tasty snack, they can help to keep you healthy and hydrated all day long.

Ice pops
Ice pops are a very refreshing alternative to cool drinks. Children love them and they are a hit with parents as they can be made with fresh fruit and natural ingredients at home.

Coconut Water

Popular among sportsmen and women for its rich qualities, coconut water is seen as one of the healthiest natural drinks on the planet. It contains natural sugars and important vitamins and minerals, such as potassium.

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