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29 May 2014
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Orlando Bloom and Forest Whitaker star as a pair of hard-hitting South African policemen on the township beat. 

Selected to be the closing film at Cannes, the movie follows the adventures of Brian Epkeen and Ali Sokhela as they investigate a massacre in Cape Town. Having found traces of a mystery substance on the crime scene, the plot inevitably leads to a deeper conspiracy, one in which the perpetrators are plotting a sinister crime of epic proportions.

Set 20 years after the official end of apartheid, both men struggle through the investigation attempting to banish their own ghosts – Whitaker to dispel the harrowing images of his father’s violent death while Bloom deals with an ex-wife and neglected teenage son. 

But the two attempt to put their personal lives aside and investigate an ethnic time bomb that threatens the newfound relative peace of the country. 

It’s a film that ultimately rips open the wounds of a segregated era and heaps more shocking violence onto an already painful past. 

While the crimson splatter may drown out the social questions that director Jérôme Salle is trying to ask about integration, the cinematography is gorgeous. From rambling shantytowns to bright sandy beaches, the viewers will find themselves being pulled into the perils of South African police investigations.

Review by Tom Robertson

How to Train Your Dragon 2


Hiccup is back in glorious 3D as he steers Toothless through the skies on another dragon-based adventure on the mystical island of Berk. This time the two are thrown into the thick of the action as they discover a secret cave in which they find hundreds of new dragons along with an elusive and enigmatic dragon rider. Glorious graphics, exciting action sequences and a charming script make this a great choice for a family outing.

Alien Abduction


A welcome twist on the found-footage genre, Alien Abduction is inspired by the “real life” events of a reported extra-terrestrial encounter in North Carolina. Facing hordes of aliens intent on capturing new subjects for study, the members of the Morris family struggle from one grim fate to another. A young cast makes the best of this low-budget but half commendable horror flick.

Third Person


From the writer of Crash comes a new film of interlocking love stories where both passion and tempers run high. There’s a serious cast of current and former big hitters that includes Liam Neeson, Adrien Brody, Kim Basinger and James Franco. Their troubled characters weave spells and wreak havoc on each other’s lives. With some quality performances from Franco and Neeson and a return to form for Basinger, it’s one for those who like their amorous dramas on the complicated side. 



Hayley, (Emily Browning) a rock chick leading the band Plush, is on a downward trajectory after the loss of her brother. But when new band member Enzo enters stage right, she’s given hope as the two set about creating new music. Things soon take another turn for the worst as the pair become romantically entwined and Enzo teaches her to dabble in the darker aspects of rock’n’roll. Soon, Hayley is left wondering whether she’s responsible for having let a psychopath into her life. 

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