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08 May 2014
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These days Nicolas Cage is best known for starring in big budget Hollywood hokum, but in Joe he moves away from Tinseltown, playing the flawed central character in this powerful drama set in rural Texas.

Joe is the head of a work crew whose job is to poison trees for a timber company. Along comes young Gary (Tye Sheridan), a kid from a troubled family who is looking for work. Joe takes him under his wing and soon finds himself wanting to protect the boy from his abusive father, played with real authenticity by Gary Poulter. Joe tries to control his violent impulses but the harsh reality of life conspires against him staying out of trouble. 

David Gordon Green’s direction creates a poetic sense of the savage forces of nature and society that unavoidably lead to a violent conclusion. 

Review by Joe Gill

Walk of Shame 


A gang of friends go out, get wasted and do some very silly things. Yes, it’s the plot of The Hangover and Bridesmaids and it’s also the premise of this comedy starring Elizabeth Banks. She spends the whole movie in a tight yellow dress, which may be the main reason to watch it if you like that kind of thing. Banks is a wannabe Los Angeles news anchor who finds out she has been passed up for her dream job and so goes for a night out with the girls. She ends up back at the house of barman James Marsden. From this moment things go from bad to disastrous pretty quickly. If you can put up with the excess of crude gags, it has some very funny moments.



Since the term ‘bunny boiler’ was coined in Fatal Attraction in the 80s, a whole range of technologies have come along to assist the would-be stalker. In this teen drama, Crystal Reed plays Bess, a lonely outsider who falls for high school football heartthrob played by Lucas Till. Bess’s growing obsession with him means she will go to any length, and enlists a fellow music store employee to help make him hers. Reed gives a subtle performance as the awkward teen trying to reach out, and there’s a surprising twist in the tale, although the thriller elements don’t work so well. 

Jungle Shuffle


Set in a Mexican jungle, this family 3D animation follows Manu, a coati, and his buddy Chuy, a spider monkey, who must rescue Princess Sacha from poachers and a crazed evil scientist. It’s a cute story with a familiar plot using cheap and cheerful Korean CGI and a lively Latin score. 

The Love Punch 


Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson play a divorced couple on a revenge trip in this tongue-firmly-in-cheek romantic comedy that works by never taking itself seriously. Brosnan’s retirement plan is ruined when his firm is asset-stripped by a hostile French takeover. Soon he and Thompson become the unlikeliest pair of international criminals when they head to the French Riviera to steal a diamond brooch from the Frenchman’s bride. Supporting this far-fetched escapade are neighbours Celia Imrie and Timothy Spall. An enjoyable romp.

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