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17 Apr 2014
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We’ve had Terminator and I, Robot. Next up in the man-versus-machine film genre is Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp as Dr Will Caster, an expert in the field of artificial intelligence.

In a neat twist on the theme, director Wally Pfister, who is best known for his work with Christopher Nolan, presents us with the question, what if man was machine?

The answer comes when Caster is shot by a militant group, which vehemently opposes his research. In an effort to save his mind and allow him to live on, his wife and fellow scientists connect him to their latest technology. 

But they soon discover that Depp’s original thirst for knowledge becomes an all-consuming quest for power, and one that is seemingly without bounds.

For those tired of seeing the A-lister as a camp pirate, Transcendence offers the talented Depp the chance to branch out into an entirely different role while not straying into the bizarre realms of some of his other minor movies. 

In addition to a brilliant supporting cast headed by Morgan Freeman, there’s also some fantastic special effects that make this blockbuster a treat on the big screen.

Reviewed by Tom Robertson

We Are What We Are  


Bill Sage stars as Frank Parker, a father who insists his daughters take on family responsibilities following the tragic death of their mother. But as a rainstorm lashes the town, alarming clues to the family’s activities are washed into the open. It soon becomes apparent to the local townsfolk that the Parkers aren’t your average family. 

Brick Mansions

Featuring the late Paul Walker, this remake of the 2004 French film, District 13, was one of his final roles. It’s an attempt to anglicise a great film and bring it to a more global audience that, to some extent, pays off. 

The star attraction is the same incredible parkour (free-running) antics of David Belle as he and Walker try to battle against crime lords in Detroit’s slums.



Chocolate doesn’t just magically appear overnight at Easter. We all know it’s thanks to the Easter Bunny, so what could be a better Easter movie choice? Voiced by Russell Brand, a young Rabbit, EB, is next in line to be crowned Easter Bunny. But dreaming of rock stardom, he shirks his responsibility and sets off for Hollywood. After a road accident leaves EB injured and in need of shelter, he’s taken in by Fred (James Marsden), who struggles to cope with his mischievous new friend. And to some extent that’s understandable – what would you do with a jelly-bean pooping rabbit? 

In the Blood


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or, more to the point, hell hath no fury like a newlywed who’s lost her husband.

Gina Carano, a former mixed martial artist, bursts onto the screen as Ava, a recently married young woman who was happily enjoying her honeymoon. That is, until her husband is lost during an adventure in the Caribbean forest.  

With a dark past and armed with a dangerous set of skills to boot, she sets out to find him. Entering a violent criminal world and an emerging conspiracy, Ava has to employ every jaw-breaking trick in her arsenal of moves to get the happy ending she had envisaged when she said,“I do.” 

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