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20 Mar 2014
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Penny Fray discovers the hair and beauty updates that will take your look into Spring 2014 in five minutes flat

Last year we learnt how to get flawless waves, balance on a ball chair for eight hours, and create gallery worthy nail art. Thank heavens things have got a whole lot simpler for Spring 2014.

Like it or not, the latest looks from the catwalks owe more to ‘selfies’ than the avant-garde. The conceptual looks of Chanel were trumped by everyday trends of fishtail plaits, nude nails and minimal makeup.

“It’s really not about looking like a freak any more,” explains Revlon guru Gucci Westman. “It’s the rise of what I call Instagram beauty, because social media has changed things. Now it’s about creating something that people can do themselves.”

In celebration of this return to ‘normal’ we highlight the top trends you can try at home, minus the tears, tantrums and Dolce & Gabbana tiaras.



A bold, bright pout is the perfect way to transform your look. A pop of colour was seen at several catwalk shows, including Prabal Gurung and Rag & Bone (main image). Recreate the look by gently exfoliating the skin before lining the lips with a nude pencil and filling them with a courageous colour such as tangerine, carnival or cherry red. Keep the rest of the face simple. We love this beauty update because it’s a quick and clever way of drawing attention away from weary-looking eyes.


Here at Y Towers, we’re wondering whether our month old manicures were the inspiration behind the scruffy nails spotted at Tess Giberson’s spring show. Okay, so it’s not the prettiest of trends but this season’s unmade manicure will save you a trip to Tips & Toes. To mimic the distressed look, simply wipe away your old varnish leaving a bit of streaking around the cuticle area. That’s it – the perfect excuse for low-maintenance, nay slovenly, beauty.


Just as you get your head around both BB and CC creams, along comes the latest face fad – blemish erasers. They promise an Instagram worthy glow by banishing everything from fine lines and open pores to blotches and uneven skin tone.

How does it work? Well, the blurring quality of this wonder product comes in the form of a very fine silicon film that sits on the skin, bouncing-back light and diminishing dents.

At the upper end of the market, try Dior Pore Minimizer Skin Refining Matte Primer (from RO18.25) or the more pocket friendly Baby Skin by Maybelline (RO6). Both are miles better than caked concealer in creating a flawless finish for your face.



There’s a reason why hair accessories have become such a favourite with time poor fashionistas – it finishes a look with minimum fuss. At Valentino for instance, gold coin-studded hairbands were placed over sleek ponytails for a polished, Grecian feel, while at Elie Saab and Donna Karan, models wore hair loose with colour-matching metallic bands. Finally, stylist Jimmy Paul pulled thick, gym-style headbands over the top of low-slung ponytails at Vera Wang – ideal for yummy mummies on the run.

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