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27 Mar 2014
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From Director Denis Villeneuve comes a complex puzzle of a thriller. Disinterested with anything in his seemingly monotonous life, including his charming girlfriend, played by the talented Melanie Laurent, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a disgruntled and bored university professor, Adam Bell.

When Bell spots his exact lookalike in a movie, and with nothing to lose, he sets about finding his cosmic twin, Anthony Clair. From the moment Bell tracks down and meets Anthony, his life descends into a bizarre tale of trying to work out who he really is and how the two men are linked.

But it’s a story in which Gyllenhaal’s curiosity develops into an unhealthy obsession that leaves his partner struggling to cope.

The sizzling psychological thriller adeptly portrays one man desperately questioning his own identity and the mundane life that he’s slipped into, as much as that of his twin.

Few answers are offered in the twisting plot and it’s certainly a mental workout which doesn’t let the viewer relax for a second.  But the performances by the cast make it worthwhile if you’re a viewer who isn’t normally fussed about gift-wrapped happy endings.

Reviewed by Tom Robertson

Event 15


Jennifer Morrison plays Captain White, a soldier recovering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, heading home on leave. But an explosion in Washington DC leaves her and two other soldiers stranded in a lift and struggling to survive what appears to be a radioactive fallout.

The plot builds as she attempts to maintain control over her fellow soldiers. As insubordination increases, so does the tension, as the three consider whether they’ll make it out alive.

As Cool As I Am


The movie centres on teenager Lucy Diamond (Sarah Bolger) as an average teenage girl growing up amid the fast crumbling ruins of her parents’ relationship.

Bolger puts in a terrific performance in a family drama that, due to the material at hand, can be a little depressing at times. Nevertheless, it’s a film that will just about hold the viewers attention.

Odd Thomas


Anton Yelchin gets out of his seat on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise and on to the set of Odd Thomas, where he takes on the role of a young psychic in small town America. Determined not to let an influx of ghouls unleash all kind of ghastly chaos on his native Pico Mundo, Thomas teams up with his girlfriend (Addison Timlin) and the town’s sheriff (Willem Dafoe) to launch themselves full tilt into combat with the spooks and stop an approaching disaster.

The movie comes from Director Stephen Sommers, who was also responsible for The Mummy and G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. While a little different from those previous outings, we can no doubt expect more nonsense this time round.

Blood Ties


Hot on the heels of the 70s badboy antics of American Hustle, Blood Ties cashs in on the resurgence of Hollywood’s love affair with the decade of brown flares and big collars.

Clive Owen plays Chris Pierzynski, a small town crook who’s just been released from a nine-year stint in prison. Dreaming of a lifestyle that’s beyond the reach of the menial jobs he’s stuck in, it’s not long before Chris delves back into the world of crime.

But it’s his brother, Frank, who’s ultimately set to suffer as a young and aspiring cop struggling to deal with his brother’s antics. Having once idolised his older sibling, it’s not long before their destiny is dramatically entangled together and the ultimate betrayal beckons.

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