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20 Feb 2014
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You don’t need a bulging bank account to get your hands on the latest gadgets and gizmos, says Tom Robertson, as Y-Fi goes sub RO15

Big sound, no wires  


While Bluetooth may have been a good idea in reducing unsightly wires, there’s always a timely pairing process. NearField Audio is taking the audio accessory world by storm as a far more efficient alternative. Simply place any smartphone next to the iFrogz Boost and it will automatically pick up those tunes and propel them with more oomph than any tinny smartphone speaker is capable of mustering. RO11.5 from thinkgeek.com



As hackers step up their attacks in an ever more connected world, Corsair have come forward with a great solution for protecting all those important digital files on the go. The Corsair Flash Padlock 2 features a keypad that requires a pincode to unlock the files contained within the tough rubber housing. Protection from the elements as well as prying eyes. RO12 amazon.com

Scream for ice cream  


Summer’s approaching and that means we’re going to be needing plenty of ice cream to cool us down through the swelteringly hot months. With artisanal ice-cream on the up, there’s no better time to try knocking our your own batch of Haagen-daz conquering dairy delight. The Andrew James Ice Cream Maker features a handy digital timer to count down the brief 20-30 minutes in which it takes to produce the ice-cream of your choice. Sure to be a great budget investment over the summer. RO13 amazon.com

Refuel your phone  


We see petrol cans adorning the roofs of every other 4×4 that passes us on the roads of Oman, so why not apply the same principle to refueling our phones? Only there’s no need to put this reserve on the roof. Because at just 3.3cm x 2.3cm x1.3cm the Fuel is the world’s smallest portable phone charger. Providing 20 to 30 minutes of essential additional talktime for your phone, this die-cast aluminium jerry can is essential for any hardened traveller. RO15 from firebox.com

Small money, big sound


Earphones these days are an essential part of modern living yet few of us are willing or able to splash out on high-fidelity cans such as Bose Quiet Comfort 15s. But the simple fact remains that if you invest in a decent pair of earbuds you’ll never look back as you experience incredible sound that you never thought would come from your little MP3 player. The question is how to achieve such audio perfection without breaking the bank. With great noise isolation and a rich bass, these Sennheiser CX300 II earphones are widely regarded within the audiophile community as the best earphones that a few rial can buy.  Don’t just take my word for it. RO14 amazon.com

Girly gadget


Any girl who sits on the couch or in bed with her ipad on her knees for long enough will understand the dreaded thumb ache as she wrestles with a tablet. Step forward the Kikkerland ibed lap desk. With a handy slot for a tablet and padded cushion underneath, it’s everything you need for when your man brings you breakfast in bed. Available in green, black, red and blue. RO8 amazon.com



Harnessing the power of social media, your videos need never look the same. Based on some uber-clever processing technology, users of the Vyclone app upload videos taken at an event which is then mixed with other Vyclone users at the same event. The tech produces one seamless movie, shot by different cameras. Brilliant in every way. Free for iOS and Android.

NEW!  Luminaid Inflatable Light Bag


Here in Oman we’re blessed with two great things: plenty of sunlight and spectacular wilderness areas in which to camp – which make the Luminaid Inflatable Light Bag an absolute must when venturing off into darkened wadis. The bargain bag is lightweight, waterproof and dustproof and, with its inflatable design, is the perfect lightweight tool for shedding light on your dessert campground. RO13.45 from firebox.com

  • Features  an integrated solar panel and dual power settings which will deliver up to an impressive 14 to 16 hours of light on one full charge.
  • Made from puncture resistant material that’s also PVC and phthalate free.
  • Folds down to a miniscule 7cm x 13cm x1cm but inflates to an impressive 20cm x 32cm x 10cm.

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