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27 Feb 2014
POSTED BY Y Magazine

I am a Y reader who really admires your work and would like some tips and advice on sketching and design. I currently work as a sales lady.

Liezel Remollo, Oman.

Thank you for sending me your illustrations, you are very good – but you have not made it clear whether you see yourself as a fashion designer or illustrator. Many people can draw – it shows you are creative – but that doesn’t always translate into design. You also need an appreciation of fabrics and how each textile can become a garment. That means studying how fabric drapes and has its own voice. You must learn too how to cut a pattern to not only suit your piece but also your fabric. Every design begins with fabric – and even the most fabulously designed garment can be let down by the wrong choice of material. Go to fashion stores and look at what’s on offer; study what’s right or wrong and what you could do better. Buy inexpensive fabric and practice making clothes, always having in mind who your end customer will be. Write up a brief if need be of that person’s biography and what they need to wear. Additionally, study fashion magazines and watch fashion TV channels for inspiration. Remember the three golden rules of design – fit, fabric and fashion, in that order.

Start by offering your designs to friends and colleagues. When you have made and sold your designs for a year, do a small sample collection before offering it to a store. That will allow you to keep your full time job and start your own business. Good luck!

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