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16 Jan 2014
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The Adventurer: The Curse of  The Midas Box

When seventeen-year-old Mariah Mundi’s parents go missing and his younger brother is kidnapped, the young Mundi embarks on a search to discover what’s become of his family.

In a fantastical adventure laden with clandestine secrets, child-stealing monsters and long-lost artifacts, Mariah is led to the dark and mysterious Prince Regent Hotel. It’s here that he starts to learn about Otto Luger (Sam Neil) and his quest to get his hands on the Midas Box. Only by discovering the box himself can Mariah learn of his family’s whereabouts.

But he’s not alone. Michael Sheen plays Captain Jack Charity of the British Bureau of Antiquities who aids the young adventurer.

Sheen’s venture into a fantasy role is quite different from his more usual exploits, such as Frost/Nixon. However, the role never seems to fit him comfortably.

Nevertheless, it’s an enjoyable enough family adventure whose modest budget and production yields surprising results. It’s also based on the series of books by G.P Taylor, of which this is intended to be the first box office installment. So the good news is that if you like this one, there should be more on the way.

Khumba 3D


A young Zebra is born into a herd, but there’s just one problem; little Khumba is only half covered in stripes. At a time of drought, the new arrival is blamed by his superstitious family for the failing rains and has no choice but to set off on a quest to find a safe watering hole in order to gain acceptance.

It’s the usual affair of a young, rejected member of society teaming up with a colourful mix of animal characters, and in which the South African production company remind us that it’s okay to be different. Children will be entertained by bouncy characters, and strong actors such as Laurence Fishburne and Liam Neeson just about rescue the script. Be warned though: Madagascar, this is not.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Jesse (Andrew Jacobs) finds that his neighbour has been murdered but more worrying for the young Californian, is that there are photos of him in her apartment and she practiced black magic. Discovering that he’s subject to this witch’s curse, the increasingly homicidal Jesse seeks help in trying to put an end to the demon that’s slowly taking possession of his soul.

It’s never going to reinvent what is becoming a tired franchise or, for that matter, keep alive the increasingly tired  ‘lost camera footage genre’ but if you’re a fan, this will tick most of the boxes.

August: Osage County


Tracy Letts’ successful play spawned this dark comedy-drama featuring a host of big names that have led to accusations of cluttering a film with a gratuitous smattering of stars in search of Oscars.

The film tells the tale of the Weston family women reuniting following the death of the father, played fleetingly by Sam Shepard. Forked tongues and clashing personalities make this a movie that’s probably not going to pick you up. However, with the cast giving their all, it’s certainly not going to leave you with any memories of wooden performances either.

Bollywatch: Zinda Bhaag


Okay, it’s not Bollywood, it’s from Pakistan, but the slick cinematography of this Punjabi film beautifully frames the story of three young men desperate to leave their native Lahore and venture out into the world. Believing that the West is the best place to make their fortune, the three central characters, Khaldi, Taambi and Chitta, start to risk everything to make it there. While the film is a poignant tale about the friendship of young males, it’s the film’s gentle questioning of concepts such as luck and success that provide the real worth. It’s also a valuable insight into the murky world of illegal immigration.

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