12 Dec 2013
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Edgar Rice Burroughs’s lord of the jungle has been through many incarnations in print and on screen during the last 100 years. Now, it’s been adapted again into an all singing, all dancing 3D animation by none other than Walt Disney Pictures. As such, expectations are understandably high and fortunately, for fans of the Edwardian eco hunk, it doesn’t disappoint.

With music by Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Phil Collins and an inspired cast of vocal talents, this well told tale comes alive for a whole new generation. If you don’t know the story, it’s about a human baby who is orphaned in the African jungle and lovingly raised by a family of apes. But Tarzan’s peaceful world is shattered when a mercenary group of humans arrive at his home. The orphan is forced to acknowledge that he’s more human than ape and inevitably falls in love with the beautiful Jane. And if things weren’t hormonal and complicated enough, he also discovers that a trusted member of his own species is plotting to harm the apes. With new technological breakthroughs and spectacular visuals, this adventure film succeeds in keeping audiences riveted. In short, literature comes to life in a modern and exciting new way – a great movie for all the family.

Review by Penny Fray

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