05 Dec 2013
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 When Lisa Johnson (Abigail Breslin) starts to feel that she is being haunted in her own home, she is shocked to find out that it is herself and her family who died in 1985 and the ‘ghost’ is in fact Olivia, a young girl living in the same home. Together they reveal the grim secret of the house and the powerful evil spirit living within its walls. If this is your kind of movie, there’s at least a touch of originality in the somewhat contorted story.


A clumsy elf (Martin Freeman, again) working in Santa’s stables tries to thwart an invasion of the North Pole by travelling back in time and saving Santa from the malign plans of villain Neville Baddington (Tim Curry). Aside from trying to figure out why the script had to include not one but two trips back in time, the only other question to answer is how class actors such Freeman and Curry, as well as Joan Collins, managed to be roped into this kind of project. Sadly, it’s an attempt at festive movie fun that delivers neither humour nor family entertainment in any real measure, instead opting to tick seasonal cinema boxes. More of a turkey than a cracker.


After returning home from serving in Iraq, Rodney Baze (Casey Affleck) becomes involved with a ruthless crime gang and disappears. Christian Bale plays the older brother whose dead-end job and deep love for his wayward sibling leads him to put his life on the line and search for Affleck. With the police unable to help, Bale has to work alone and takes matters into his own hands, embarking upon a dangerous quest to learn of his brother’s fate.

Scott Cooper, the critically acclaimed author of Crazy Horse, delivers a gripping tale of fate and justice that is supported by a brilliant performance from Woody Harrelson as the intimidating Curtis DeGroat.


bollywoodDedh Ishqiya

Following the 2010 film Ishqiya, Dedh Ishqiya is a comedy thriller set to make yet another refreshing change from the tried and tested sing, dance and cry Bollywood formula. While some song and dance refuses to leave the set, a smart injection of comedy and adventure into a tale of love and friendship means that this sequel is set to enjoy box office success. Under the competent direction of Abhishek Chaubhey, Madhuri Dixit stars as the feisty female lead while Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi reprise their former roles for this highly anticipated sequel.

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