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05 Dec 2013
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You mean the crisps? I do indeed, those little packets of deliciousness in the distinctive blue and red packaging.

I love them: Me too. In fact, most of Oman does. Chips Oman have been feeding the nation since 1989.

So what’s new? Well, those upstarts across the border in the UAE have been claiming the Chips Oman sandwich as their own.

What sandwich? It’s a concoction of hot bread, spreadable cheese and crushed chips, and is the crispy gem in the Sultanate’s kitchen.

Does it taste nice? Er, is a camel found in the desert? Yes, it’s amazing! Go to any local café and you can order one.

So what’s this about the UAE? Well, it appears that Emiratis are saying the Chips Oman sandwich is theirs and the country’s unofficial national dish.

How come? Thousands are apparently served every day across the country. Emirati youth, in particular, are said to be big fans.

And now? While the crisps are from a Sohar-based company, the Emiratis appear to be embracing it as their own.

What do they say? They claim the origins of the Chips Oman sandwich are a bit of a mystery.

Isn’t the name a bit of a clue? You would think so, yes. The product is called Chips Oman after all.

What’s the reaction here? As you can image, Omanis are none too pleased with the cheeky attempt to snatch credit for their dish. WhatsApp has been burning up.

Hmm, sounds like it’s boiling over?  All in good fun. One Omani pointed out that, for a start, a proper Chips Oman sandwich is made with Arabic bread and not the roti or paratha they use over the border.

Anything else? Well, they have Chips Oman sandwiches in Kuwait and no one there seems to be claiming ownership.

Don’t say: ‘Chips Oman, made in the UAE’.

Do say: ‘Proud to be chips from Oman’.

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