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28 Nov 2013
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Homefront is a slickly made, high-tension thriller from the surprising pen of Sylvester Stallone. When Phil Broker (Jason Statham), an undercover drugs enforcement agent, moves into a small town with his daughter, he thinks it’ll be better (and safer) than city life. But a whole heap of trouble ensues when his daughter gets into a fight with another kid and the local drug supplier discovers Broker’s true identity. High drama with a moral message about looking after one’s family.

Delivery Man

From DreamWorks Pictures comes the story of a friendly failure called David Wozniak. You think his life is pretty dull until you discover he’s fathered 533 children. No, he’s not a super stud but rather a sperm donor.

In debt to the mob and rejected by his pregnant girlfriend, things couldn’t look worse for David when he is hit with a lawsuit from 142 of the 533 twenty-somethings who want to know his identity. The decision of whether or not to reveal who is, leads him to discover not only his true self but also the father he could become. Ridiculous plot but strangely watchable.

Best Man Holiday

It’s reunion time with a whole heap of stars, rivalries and romances. After nearly 15 years apart, Taye Diggs (television’s Private Practice), Nia Long (Soul Food), Morris Chestnut (Kick-Ass 2), Harold Perrineau (Zero Dark Thirty), Terrence Howard (Hustle & Flow), Sanaa Lathan (Contagion), Monica Calhoun (Love & Basketball), Melissa De Sousa (Miss Congeniality) and Regina Hall (Scary Movie franchise) reprise their career-launching roles in The Best Man Holiday. There’s been a lot of hype about this film that’s not altogether justified. It’s okay though.

The Frozen Ground

A serial killer has been on a murderous rampage for the past 13 years. And as the bodies of street girls start to pile up in Anchorage again, fear inevitably follows.

Alaskan State Trooper Jack Halcombe (Nicolas Cage) goes on a personal manhunt to find killer Robert Hansen (John Cusack) before he strikes again. When a teenage escapee (Vanessa Hudgens) reveals some vital information about the case, Halcombe gets a much-needed lead. But will he catch him in time to save the next victim? The plot may sound like the usual Hollywood fodder but it’s inspired by an incredible true story.

Rambo Rajkumar


Rajkumar is a rugged, rebellious, passionate fighter who also has the kind of slick charm that doesn’t make you feel completely at ease – you want to fall for it but you can’t. Meanwhile, Chanda is the niece of poppy field owner Manik Parmar. Feisty, beautiful and independently minded, she is a perfect mix of sugar and spice. Sparks inevitably fly when they meet.

Set against the dusty and rugged backdrop of India the story of Rambo Rajkumar unfolds amidst a lack of law, justice or order.

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