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31 Oct 2013
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Y’s Film Choice: Captain Phillips
This reality-based action thriller from Bourne director Paul Greengrass hits fairly close to home. It stars Tom Hanks as a cab driver turned merchant seaman who comes to Oman to captain a cargo ship to Mombassa through some of the world’s most dangerous waters. Hanks perfectly captures the feeling of an ordinary man caught up in extreme circumstances when his ship is pursued and then boarded by Somali pirates.
His opposite number is a poor fisherman, Barkhad Abdi, leading a gang of desperados, looking for a fast way out of dire conditions.
Greengrass brings his trademark mix of high-octane action within a complex scenario of small players being manipulated by bigger political forces.

Bad Grandpa
This Jackass production stars Johnny Knoxville as a slightly confused pensioner who takes his eight-year-old grandson on a disaster-filled road trip across Middle America. Because this is from Jackass, you can rightly expect a load of hilarious stunts with real-life people reacting in bewilderment and shock to the awful antics of this old man and his greedy, selfish young relative. Laugh-out loud funny and strangely uplifting.

Penthouse North
Michelle Monaghan plays a photographer, Sara, who was blinded in Iraq and is now in grave peril from a couple of thugs, one of whom is the film’s biggest named star, Michael Keaton. They are looking for some diamonds stashed in Sara’s penthouse apartment by her boyfriend. It’s an efficient, low-budget three-hander with Keaton doing a passable impersonation of Jack Nicholson being scary.

Naked Soldier
Can you get a more obvious pitch from a film title than this one – every young bloke’s perfect mix of barely clad Asian babes and heaps of action. From the Hong Kong producers of earlier B-movie classics such as Naked Killer, expect plenty of fight scenes and daft plot twists but, with mainland China in mind, no actual nakedness.

Bollywatch – Dhoom 3
It’s been seven years since Dhoom 2, the sequel to the hugely popular Bollywood blockbuster that wowed audiences with slick action, chart-topping theme songs and memorable dance numbers. The long-delayed second sequel has a big star line-up – Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra reprise their roles as Jai Dixit and Ali Khan and are joined by Katrina Kaif.
Kaif shows off skills in ballet, aerobatics and parkour for her role. Dhoom 3 claims to be the first Bollywood movie released in IMAX format.

Ender’s Game
The titular character is a child prodigy who is selected by military leader Harrison Ford to join an elite academy where he is trained to fight Earth’s alien enemies. Based on a young adult novel, the screen adaptation is a humourless affair that explores themes of social engineering and the ethics of war. Ben Kingsley plays a tattooed hero who puts the kids through their paces.

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