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24 Oct 2013
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Y’s Choice: Killer Joe
A low life (Emile Hirsch) plots the murder of his mother, and hires a sadistic police detective to do the job. A scene-stealing Matthew McConaughey plays the hired killer with a mix of menace and charm. We know things are going to end badly from the moment he falls for Hirsch’s younger sister (Juno Temple). Veteran director William Friedkin (The Exorcist and The French Connection) brings his trademark energy to this gothic tale of stupidity and greed among poor white Texans. It’s a ferociously dark and funny tale that maintains the tension to the last second.

Don Jon
Joseph Gordon-Levitt writes, stars and directs this tale of a porn-obsessed New Jersey bartender who spends his time down the gym, at church, r his car and hitting on girls at the club. It’s there he sees Scarlett Johansson looking fantastic in a red dress. They hit it off, until he realises she’s an old fashioned girl who loves sloppy romantic movies – and she discovers his addiction. Smart and thought provoking, it’s like a comic update of Saturday Night Fever without the dancing.

1911 Revolution
A Chinese historical epic marking Jackie Chan’s 100th appearance in a movie. It’s is a big budget retelling of the downfall of China’s last imperial dynasty with Winston Chao as revolutionary leader Sun Yat-sen and Chan as the military genius leading the fight against the Imperial forces. Amid endless battles and propaganda speeches, he still manages to become romantically involved with feisty Xu Zonghan. Joan Chen has an impressive wardrobe as the Empress Dowager.

Wesley Snipes takes his zombie-slaying Blade persona into the Wild West where, thanks to a curse, the men he kills just won’t lie down. Unfortunately, fans of both westerns and zombie films will be left flabbergasted at the sheer terribleness of this nonsense.

Upside Down
Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst live in an alternative universe where their two worlds are caught in something called dual gravity. He lives ‘Down Below’ in a slum-like planet while ‘Up Above’ is a world of privilege and prosperity. Rather than science fiction, this is a visually stunning romantic fantasy that cannot match the look with characters, a believable romance or story.
The mind-boggling nature of this world is made very hard to swallow by having the wet-eared Sturgess explain it to us in a nonsensical prologue. Then we have the total lack of chemistry between the star-crossed lovers, the implausible plot line that Dunst suffers an accident which wipes her memory of meeting Sturgess, forcing him to go to extreme lengths to reunite them. Probably the best bet is to hum to yourself when the actors speak and just enjoy the incredible visual feast on screen.

Maximum Conviction
WWF is big in these parts, which probably explains why this straight-to-DVD action movie starring ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Steven Seagal made it to the big screen in Oman. The pair must shut down a high security prison but when two mysterious female prisoners are put in the cells, they find themselves battling elite mercenaries who want the girls dead. Seagal mumbles and punches his way through the masked bad guys while Austin provides the gags.

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