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12 Sep 2013
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A wealthy man and his beautiful wife are on holiday in the Moroccan desert, but things are not going well between them. She meets a man in their hotel and persuades him to kill her husband. During a chase across the dunes, the two cars crash into a bus, killing several innocent passengers.
Here they encounter Roschty Zem, a ruthless killer, in the first of many surprising plot twists.
The characters, played by an international cast, have nothing in common but find themselves obliged to cooperate. Meanwhile the audience is kept in the dark about the real motivations behind the unfolding events, each hiding more secrets than you can imagine.
Writer-director David Marconi is able to lead us into his world and keep us in suspense until the next twist, even though each new revelation is more improbable than the last.
The set-up of the accident bringing together a diverse range of odd characters recalls the excellent 2004 movie Crash. But where that was an intense psychological study of broken lives, this is a baffling thriller that keeps digging bigger holes for itself.
Just when you think the filmmakers can’t throw in any more preposterous revelations, they do. The dialogue is often unintentionally funny or just plain ludicrous.
On the plus side, the international cast led by Zem, Frank Grillo, Jaimie Alexander and Marie-Josée Croze almost save the film, and for the first part at least build a solid foundation, which is then squandered.
Seeking to surprise the audience at all costs, the writers have forgotten to work on the consistency of the film, or to develop the psychology of the characters. The final twist plunges the project into the depths, where violence is the only thing that can disguise the stupidity on display.
Review by Joe Gill

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