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12 Sep 2013
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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
Based on a series of fantasy-adventure novels by Rick Riordan, Sea of Monsters is the second outing for tweenage demi-god Percy (Logan Lerman). This time he is hunting for a golden fleece that can bring peace to his Olympian home but must get past a heap of mythical beasts to find it. The script is witty and sharp, however it is weighed down by a lot of exposition and mythology. Percy’s early onset teenage angst soon becomes wearisome – in fact Logan does not appear to be enjoying himself in the role this time round, which makes the arrival of various monsters and secondary characters a welcome distraction.

Planes 3D
Most American cartoons these days seem to have the same theme of a central character dreaming of escape from a mediocre existence through releasing their inner talent. Triumph over the odds and ultimate acclamation are the prize, and via various challenges, we ultimately know they will get there. After all, that’s the American Dream. Disney’s latest effort sees a crop-dusting plane entering a round-the-world race. Will he win? Is this a merchandise vehicle? Yes and yes.

Ethan Hawke finds himself in a real car crash of a movie. The plot, such as it is, sees him playing a burned-out race car driver who is forced into a deadly mission in Bulgaria after his wife is kidnapped. His one hope of saving her is to follow the orders of the mysterious voice (Jon Voight) who’s watching his every move. Then a young hacker (Selena Gomez), decides to try to steal the car. Why? We don’t know. The mind-numbingly repetitive stunt driving and collisions probably caused brain damage to the film makers as, by all accounts, they’ve done to audiences. Exhausting.

Nazareyet Amity
A famous talk show presenter gets into a number of farcical scrapes because of his fame and growing female fan base. He decides to get away and travel abroad, while his aunt (Lebleba) becomes increasingly involved in his personal affairs. Arabic comedy directed by Islam Khairy and starring Lebleba, Hassan El Raddad and Horeya.

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