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29 Aug 2013
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On paper the idea sounds decent enough – a cop (Ryan Reynolds) is killed in a double cross only to find himself recruited by a team of deceased lawmen who hunt down undead villains and send them to Hell. His dead partner Jeff Bridges is a tobacco-chewing Wild West lawman played in the style of Rooster Cogburn, and is the best thing here. Sadly, he can’t support the film, which tries to paper over its lack of substance with noisy, CGI-heavy showdowns between our duo and the not very scary ‘deados’. Loud.

Grown-ups 2
Adam Sandler’s latest suburban comedy might even be a stretch for hardcore fans of his crass and tasteless toilet humour. This is a movie in which actor Taylor Lautner’s crotch is eaten by a giant deer, and that is one of the better gags. What Salma Hayek is doing here is hard to fathom, other than showing off her considerable assets. Set on the last day of school, Sandler and his three co-stars sleepwalk through a plotless series of humour-free gags. Leave your brain at home.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
Adaptations of young adult fiction have come thick and fast, and this one is definitely of the thick variety. Thick as in lines like ‘I have been hunting demons of varying kinds for a third of my life’. Thick as in an unoriginal story of beautiful waifs fighting vampires with swords and bad lines. Phil Collins’ stunning daughter Lily and pretty boy Jamie Campbell-Bower lead the angelic ‘Shadowhunters’ in a battle against an army of devilish beasts. Cassandra Clare’s books have a huge following so, despite its lack of intelligence, teen fans will no doubt lap this up.

Preview: One Direction: This is Us
Not so much warts and all but squeaky clean and PR perfect, this documentary directed by Morgan Spurlock (‘Super Size Me’) follows the band’s career from their X Factor debut to imminent world domination. There are precious few revelations or unscripted moments but at least on stage the boys know how to put on a show.

Satyagraha: Democracy Under Fire
India’s giant democracy has been tested lately by direct action against corrupt politicians led by the unlikely figure of Anna Hazare. Inspired by these events, the political thriller Satyagraha casts Amitabh Bachchan as a Gandhi-like figure who leads an anti-corruption crusade, challenging his corporate climbing son (Ajay Devgn ) to do the right thing and give something back to society. Kareena Kapoor plays a campaigning journalist who follows the rise of the new protest movement while Arjun Rampal plays an ambitious activist with eyes firmly set on political office.

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