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July’s Gems

Penny Fray and Pasha Johal list products guaranteed to coax open your wallet this month.



The crisp, clear resolution on this five-inch LED screen is likely to blow you away, not to mention its timeless style and shape. The Samsung Galaxy SIV is just 8mm in density and weighs an impressive 130g, making it sleek and smart. And you won’t miss a thing over Ramadan with its easily accessible 13-megapixel camera and HD video camera, nor will you ever be lost and helpless with its built-in GPS function. This is not just a phone; it’s a small taste of the future.



This Sony HX20V camera is exceptional, considering its price and performance. The high definition 18.2megapixel device can capture anything and everything in the finest detail. Its three-inch LCD screen will give you the flexibility to browse through pictures whenever you like. Surprisingly, its price on Amazon is just RO144, which seems very reasonable after establishing what this camera is capable of.



When you’re tired and in need of distraction, there’s nothing quite like a designer television to keep your mind off food and drink. This Samsung Series 7 T27B750 screen, sans wires, oozes minimalist chic. It has a 178-degree viewing angle that connects to everything from your smartphone to tablet and a special app that enhances your viewing pleasure. We seriously heart.


Today’s time tellers have become fabulously futuristic, not only in design but functionality too. Tap Mute Watch’s screen to see the time before swiping sidewise to access a stopwatch and alarm, and then use the USB port to recharge. While there are more sophisticated smart-watches out there, we like the stylishness of this Swedish number. For more information or to buy, go to mutewatch.com



Is it art, a doughnut or designer fan? No – it’s Philips’ latest speaker. The Fidelio DS3880W SoundRing not only looks amazing but it also streams tracks from your computer or smart device with AirPlay. Oh, and it also doubles up as a dock. Available at Amazon from RO60





For ultra-accurate prayer timings during Ramadan, this app will not let you down. Worldwide Iftar/Sehar Time’s alarm for iPhone and iPad offers the same method as the U.S. Naval Observatory for calculation of sunrise and sunset. Its interface shows the time remaining for Iftar/Sehar, a monthly view of Ramadan timings, Islamic calendar and a background Azan alarm for iOS4+. Available from Apple App Store.


The Asoberu-T (‘Playable T-Shirt’) is an augmented reality app from Japan’s Dentsu. It allows you to create T-shirt designs, take photos of you wearing them and share them with friends. With the app installed, just hold the smartphone over your T-shirt and see animations and designs appear on screen as if by magic Then pose, shoot and upload your new-look T-shirt.