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Y-Fi: Jog On

Dig out your gym shoes and dust down your dumbbells, it’s time to get fit the futuristic way, says Penny Fray.


Turn your iPhone or iPod into the perfect running partner with this amazing app and sensor from Nike. Exercise to your favourite music while your device tells you your time, distance, pace and calories burned. It even offers motivation, playing a power song to get your through the toughest bit of your workout. When your run is finished, your workout data is wirelessly sent to nikeplus.com, allowing you to see all your completed runs and link to other global athletes. Apple.com


Designed for water sports, biking or running, these sleek iSport headphones are super comfortable and work well with helmets, goggles and glasses. Not only are they masterfully engineered for the best sound quality but they’re also sweat-proof and washable. For further information, go to monstercable.com


It may be scorching outside but that doesn’t mean your can morph into a couch potato. The Xbox 360 training bundle offers a massive games and workout portfolio – and now for a limited time, it even comes with Nike + Kinect training. For more information go to xbox.com

A gigantic leap forward has been made in activity tracking with Amiigo. This crowd-funded fitness bracelet has the ability to detect more than 100 activities, accurately monitoring whether you’re running, swimming or even doing specific weight workouts. It then correlates these exercises with your body data, such as heart rate and skin temperature and syncs the information via Bluetooth to your smartphone. It’s out next month, so get on the waiting list through amiigo.com


Android Central’s official app is the news hound’s dream in that it offers the latest stories, reviews, podcasts and videos. Plus, you can play the role of citizen journalist by tipping the site with news – then again, you can do that for Y mag too by emailing us on info@y-oman.com

It looks like something that should be displayed in a contemporary gallery but Ty It Vu is not art – it’s a phone charger. Simply drop your smartphone into the colourful cradle and let it power your battery wirelessly. Arriving soon at tyit.com.


Airocide is different from all other air purifiers because it has no filters.
Developed by NASA, it clears the air of virtually all the harmful gases found in your home. This FDA-approved device also completely eliminates all mould, fungi, viruses and bacteria, leaving just clear, crisp air to breathe in.

It destroys virtually all germs

It’s energy efficient

It gets rid of foul smells

It’s not effected by humidity

Installation is easy

It’s clinically recommended  For more information, go to airocide.com