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23 May 2013
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Dark Skies

Mother of two Keri Russell is an estate agent trying to sell a house no-one wants, while husband Josh Hamilton just can’t find a job. Life’s tough enough without the fact that the family is being tormented by a mysterious force, and a guy on the internet tells them the aliens are coming for them. There’s nothing here that wasn’t done first and better in Poltergeist or Paranormal Activity – in fact it takes liberally from every other aliens and exorcism yarn while adding a couple of new touches.

Dino Time (3D)

Ernie’s love for adventure gets him into all kinds of scrapes. He and sister Julia discover a time machine their friend Max’s dad has invented in his garage and – whoops – find themselves back in the land of dinosaurs. Adopted by a pink Tyrannosaurus, the gung-ho gang must try to get back home. Cute.

The Baytown Outlaws
Three dirt-encrusted hillbilly brothers are hired by Eva Longoria to take back her son from drug kingpin Billy Bob Thornton. So begins a blood-spattered comedy of errors, as every cliché of Southern fried foolery is thrown into the mix – biker babes, racial violence, corrupt politicians, hard drinking and crazy driving. Baytown wants cult B-movie status as bad as Boss Hogg likes fried chicken.

I Love New Year
Bollywood filmmakers love to take their viewers on a tour of the world’s most sophisticated settings, and this week’s films chose probably the two most romantic cities as their backdrop. After a boozy New Year’s Eve with expat pals, Wall Street banker Sunny Deol wakes up in the New York apartment of musician Kangana Ranaut but can’t remember how he got there. Shot in New York and Mumbai, with very obvious shades of The Hangover, we see the unlikely couple gradually fall in love as they try to piece together the preceding night.

Ishqi in Paris
‘A man (Gaurav Chanana) and a woman (Preity Zinta) meet on a train heading for Paris and end up hanging out in the capital of romance. With the help of a dice of fate, they’re told what to do next – disco dancing, candlelit dinners, walks in the park. Via some big song and dance numbers, we all know where this is leading.

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