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23 May 2013
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Sporting a pair of strong brows will earn you some serious beauty stripes this season, says Penny Fray.

Big, bold and reminiscent of Liz Taylor in her heyday – the so-called power brow is back in vogue and has been seen on both models and A-list actresses alike. Everyone from Keira Knightly to the Ashley twins have been rocking the look.
Of course, until Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang sent models down the catwalk with big brows, eyebrow maintenance was a much subtler affair. Now, there’s a surge in Muscat for threading, tinting and penciling brows to perfection.
Of course, Omani women have recognised the importance of wow brows for years. After all, a good brow stylist can do more for your face than a surgeon – lifting and framing the features as well as opening up the eye area for flawless make-up application.
But gone are the days of over-plucking for barely-there brows. Even last summer’s obsession with bleached brows has died a fashion death. These days, everyone who is anyone is embracing fuller, darker and flawlessly shaped retro arches or going for the slightly wilder more boyish look of Brit model, Cara Delevingne. But even a fuller brow needs maintaining. If you’ve never shaped with tweezers before, try having them professionally done first, using the line created as a guide when plucking errant hairs.
Willing to have a go sans expert? One handy pro tip is to brush brow hairs down to find your natural shape, then fill in sparse areas with a pencil, using short, feathery strokes to even out the contours of your brows. Remember – never pluck from the top. Alternatively, try a stencilling set – there are several excellent versions on the market right now.
Struggling to grow your brows? Really skinny ones require a serum that encourages hair growth and prevents fallout, like Rapidlash.
Accessorise the look with glowing skin and natural make-up for day, and lashings of lashes and eye make-up for the night. This isn’t a look for the fearful or the fair-haired – not unless you have strong facial features anyway.

No. They make you look like Groucho Marx in drag, says Penny.
The bold brow is the most terrifying beauty trend to hit the high street since the perm. Dark and dramatic, they look like two inky caterpillars resting above your eyes. Of course, my main objection to this movement comes down to colouring – I’m blonde with ghoulishly white skin – so a pair of big, black brows will inevitably make me look like Groucho Marx in drag. But also, I have better things to do with my spare time than preserving a pair of high maintenance brows. Besides, fashion is a fickle mistress and come next season, it’ll probably be all about the lip, relegating the statement brow into beauty’s room 101 – where it belongs.
Yes. They frame your face and make your eyes look bigger, says Nada.
Happy days – the statement brow is back in vogue – and I have a pair. Of course, I don’t wear them for fashion’s sake but because they frame the face and make more of my eyes. They also look more natural than a severely plucked arch. Obviously, they don’t suit everyone. They work best with strong features and dark colouring. That’s why Arab women have been sporting them for years. But let’s be honest here, they’re a commitment. You have to go through the whole beauty gamut of threading, shading and penciling to end up with catwalk-worthy brows. Otherwise, it’s off for tattoo treatment – and that doesn’t come cheap.

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